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Moosey's Gardening Forum Rules

8 Feb '04 11:58 pm
Moosey's Gardening Forum Rules

If you're posting a question it may pay to check if someone else has already had the same idea. Life is full of different answers to the same gardening questions - You may return to find your post has been moved or attached to the end of another post by one of the forum staff. The Forum Moderator team will do their best to keep things ordered and in the right place. I can feel one of mooseys weeding analogies coming on! back to the forum rules :

Please don't 'Cross Post' (post the same message to multiple forums)


Try not to delete your old posts. Old posts grow slowly older and we want these forums to grow.

Inactive Users and No Posters

Users who register and do not post will have their logins removed after 60 days at our discretion.

Uploading Images

Every registered forum member gets some upload space on our servers to put their garden photos. A picture says a thousand words and we give you ample space to share your gardens and plants with the world. We back these photos up on a weekly basis but please don't rely on this if your images are important - We do our best but we'd hate to lose your only copy of that lovely climbing rose from your old house :(

Crop and optimise your images to your hearts content just make sure your images are appropriate to a family gardening forum. We have visitors of all ages from kids to potty old lady gardeners. If image uploads are abused we'll have to remove them so please don't spoil the fun for all.

If you find something you think shouldn't be on our silly family gardening forums then please alert a moderator straight away and we'll deal with it as soon as we can. You can message any of the MCG Forum staff from the MCG STAFF links on the forum home page.

If you have any questions about Image uploads please contact Eggy. he'll even resize and crop an image for you if you ask him nicely :)

The forums thrive on YOUR contributions and the feedback you give others. Use colours, italics, quotes and the other text functions on offer to emphasis your text and break it up a bit. In your profile you can upload an image of yourself or your garden or your cat or anything you want to represent you. We've opted for a larger image size limit than other forums so we can use the thumbnails from our site.

No Advertising Please :
Our Garden forums aren't the place to advertise flax oil supplements or redwood garden bridges. If you have a product or website that you want to promote on please email the website manager Bx :

We don't mind if you sneakily include your companies URL in your signature - just don't plaster marketing spiele and superlatives all thru your posts.

HTML Code, Previewing and Editing Posts :
DO make use of the EDIT feature to alter your own posts if you change your mind or want to change something. Nothing on the forums are set in stone.

Limited HTML code is allowed in posts - When you post a message you are given a preview - Use this preview to test your html code. If you are registed you can also EDIT your own posts if you get something wrong or DELETE them if you want to start over.

You can link to offsite images if you must but watch the width of the picture isn't too wide or your image will be removed. You're welcome to upload your own images to our servers but you'll need to register first and make sure you have any permission required to use the image.


Members can Attach Files and Vote in Polls :
If you register and login you'll be able to upload your own garden pictures to this site, vote in polls and send private message to other members. All this requires is filling out a small form - selecting a username, password and email address.

Wholesome Garden Banter :
Please use these forums in the spirit of mooseyscountrygarden. We want to encourage wholesome gardening banter here - abuse and flame wars aren't tolerated. This is an eccentric family garden website.

Help us to keep the Forums Clean :
These forums are moderated by staff and any helpers who join in the fun. If you see a post that you shouldn't be here report it to a moderator and we'll remove it as quickly as possible.

Questions or Suggestions? :
The Forums are new to mooseyscountrygarden in January 2004. If you have any suggestions or questions please visit the Forum Administration.

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