Sago palm

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Sago palm

23 May '05 4:55 am
I have a Sago palm. My leaves are turning
yellow. Do i cut off the leaves or leave it alone.
Does it need Fertilzer? How much water? Does it need full sun or shade? How deep should i plant it? What ratio of fertilzer? Do i
use granular or folar feeder? zone 8b.

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Camberwell, London

Palm care

23 May '05 7:51 am
Hi Deb -

I take it you've decided on a Sago Palm for your border bed? Nice. How big is it?

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Sago palm

25 May '05 4:10 pm
Im thinking about buying a 10 gallon Sago container.

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Re: Sago palm

20 Aug '12 11:51 pm
I bought a little plants in pots Sago hand a few times ago and since then, all the person tiny needles have began to snuggle. Some are switching brownish. It seemed completely healthier when I introduced it house.

I have it on my front side patio. It's been in the great 80s during the day and low 70s in the evening. I provided it a few oz. of water a few times ago when the styling first began but it's gotten more intense.

Should I provide it with more water? More sunlight? Fertalizer? I've never had a sago hand do this before!

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