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Coatesville , New Zealand

Checking in after a long time away

7 Jun '17 4:49 pm
Hi everyone
How are you all? How are your gardens growing?

What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.-
Ralph Waldo Emerson

head gardener
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Re: Checking in after a long time away

9 Jun '17 8:58 am
Hi Goose, Great to hear from you. Our gardens are all great, but the Forum isn't in such great shape. We are being hammered every day with spam from undesirables - who are definitely not gardeners, nor are they interested in us and our passion. So as well as weeding out there I'm weeding these pages every morning! Grrr... Will talk more later, have to take my dog for a run in the local forest. And it's winter and it's frosty. Brr..... Thanks for popping by, Cheers, M
Head Gardener

Canberra, Australia

Re: Checking in after a long time away

25 Jul '17 3:13 am
The forum takes a lot of weeding. :(

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