Cercospora Fungal Leaf Spot anyone?

20 May '17 7:57 pm
I've not purchased any nursery plants for many years and after a 5 year drought, we're going into our third extremely wet year yet I have zero fungus in my overly dense boxwood, (I know, I need to thin them out) yet everything I've read seems to suggest that this fungus is just there, waiting for the wet. But I'm wondering if this is actually spread by infected nurseries.
I understand it's not a devastating fungus but still - why is this allowed to be spread with abandon? Is it "just there" or is it exported by nurseries? I couldn't believe it when I pulled this plant out of an expertly packed box! How much infected soil stock have they shipped that shows no signs on the leaves of the plants?Please Help. Thanks !
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References: https://garden.org/thread/view/65889/Ce ... ot-anyone/
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