Gargling and Gardening...

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Gargling and Gardening...

3 Apr '17 8:07 am
For months now I've been eradicating forum posts which have confused gardening with gambling. Maybe it's a spell-checker issue - after all, the word do look slightly similar. But then wouldn't the forum be inundated with throat relief medicines? Gardening = gargling?

I wouldn't have thought that nurturers of the earth who enjoy being outside growing things would have been a soft sell for anything to do with casinos, which, after all, are a million miles away from a garden. But wait. Gardeners are always running out of money to buy new plants, or to hire large machinery or under-hand-weeders. is this, then, the connection? Win some money, then buy a new shovel?

Sigh. For now I'll continue to be the forum hand-weeder. Sorry about this. Cheers, and happy gargling, M
Head Gardener

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