garden amendments, i.e. manure

29 Apr '16 4:34 am
Getting ready for my backyard garden here in Illinois. Imagine my surprise when purchasing manure when the names have suddenly become very creative. One was called Chicketee-doo-doo and the other Moo-nure. Still, whatever works. I do enjoy your garden blog Mary. Jean

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Re: garden amendments, i.e. manure

29 Apr '16 3:12 pm
Here there's a 'zoo-doo' which I think you can still get from the wildlife park! I love the cute names, too. Makes the applier there-of sound rather learned! Cheers, M
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Canberra, Australia

Re: garden amendments, i.e. manure

29 Apr '16 9:42 pm
Great names. :lol:
I think the most exotic thing available locally is alpaca poo, I don't recall a special name for it though.

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