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Taupaki, New Zealand

Re: Spring vege garden

24 Oct '13 11:00 am
Moosey, the problem with undergardeners is that they are never where you last left them. Ornamental? Yes in a transient, unreliable kinda way. 8) If I were you I'd stick to cats. Much less problematic!


Re: Spring vege garden

4 Nov '14 5:34 pm
I have planted tomatoes and potatoes at my garden and to protect it from animals I have put around fence and for that I have hired professionals and they have install the fence very well and to protect it from insect I have spread chemicals on it.Now my plants are free from any harm and hope it grow soon.
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head gardener
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Re: Spring vege garden

6 Nov '14 7:29 pm
Hope you suited up, face-mask, etc, Best not to harm the humans and the other creatures when using chemicals. Hmm...
Head Gardener

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Fraser Valley, BC, Canada

Re: Spring vege garden

9 Nov '14 7:33 am
My thoughts exactly... sounds bad for the bees especially!
Fraser Valley, British Columbia


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