Oh how the years fly!

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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

Oh how the years fly!

15 Sep '13 8:13 am
My first post here for ages!

Listening to the weather reports recently in your area moosey, made me think of your beautiful garden. I have just visited the related journal entry and am saddened to read of destruction. I have no doubt that you will clear and rebuild damaged areas but it is always very sad to see broken plants.

A on cherrier note, I wish you a very belated *Happy Birthday* greeting :D

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Re: Oh how the years fly!

15 Sep '13 8:52 am
Yeay! How lovely to hear from you! Making good progress, and I'm super-fit after four big days of clean-up. Sleep comes easy! Yesterday I started burning the gum scraps while the chainsaws worked away. Lots of help from chain-sawing friends of Non-Gardening Partners. Men are certainly different, hee hee. They see the mess and destruction of fallen trees, their eyes light up, and they grin from ear to ear! Chain-saw fanatics are so so welcome.

I'm off outside now, have a good day you, and thanks so much for popping in, and for your kind thoughts. Cheers, M
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