10 Apr '13 8:12 pm
Hi guys,

My name is Stephanie and I'm new here. Thats because Im doing some research for my bachelor and I thought these forums is where I would be able to get the information I need. Seeing here is where discussions of very experienced gardeners take place.

Are you willing to help me out?

Let me know! :)


Re: Help?

10 Apr '13 8:24 pm

My name is Stephanie and I'm currently writing my bachelor thesis on the usage of grow lights and the online market for grow lights. In order to gain insight I have spoken to several persons on similar forums. I was getting alot of information and decided to make a tiny questonnaire. (By grow lights I mean any form of lighting used to help plants grow)

I would really appreciate if you can help me out by filling it in. It will take no more than 1 minute of your time. It does not matter if you do not use grow lights, your response is still helpful.

This is not being used for commercial purposes, just for my bachelor thesis.

Here is the link to the survey: ... hts-survey

Your response is highly appreciated!! Thank you so so much in advance. :D

Markham, ON, Canada

Re: Help?

26 Apr '13 9:34 pm
Hi Steph,
I am also new to this forum . Discussion about Landscaping and gardening service.

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12/4/14 Bayway Village, Fern Bay, Newcastle; NSW Australia

Re: Help?

10 May '13 8:10 pm
Welcome ladies, I am presuming gender here, please correct me if necessary. The best way is to browse around the whole site - and there's a lot of it! I would go for a tour of the various gardens listed first, to see just what a large and varied garden is Moosey's!

Mary works hard every day, at this treasure we are sharing. As well as that, you can get in on the walking tours she takes around the district.

Any of us will help with specific questions, (I think, yes/no?) If you are not specific, you may, either suffocate under the barrage of return questions or, receive a deadly silence, depending.

Dive right in, New Zealand's fine!


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