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Merry Christmas from the webmaster!

19 Dec '04 12:19 am
Merry Christmas to all our visitors and forum friends :)

It's been a huge year for mooseyscountrygarden. 2004 was the year we went global and the year that moosey supposedly retired from teaching to become a full time gardener, although there are still too many references to school work for my liking :)

There are still far too many photos that are waiting to get on the site, The Internet Garden hasn't started, the English and Spanish Gardens sections aren't done and we haven't sent a newsletter out yet...

so Who's going to join us at the Chelsea Flower Show 2005 then?

We're working on a new gallery page format that should allow us to clear out the photo backlog. More on that in the next few weeks.

Everyone on the MCG team has had a digital gardening camera upgrade this year except Moosey who after 2 years has found a hidden MACRO function on her Canon A20 !!! - as punishment for 24 months of blurred focus (and no insect closeups) she gets to keep her camera just a little bit longer...

Santa is getting me a couple of camera lenses, a lens hood and a filter or two for Christmas - A Wide angle lense is a must before we visit Kew and a polarising filter and an Neutral Density filter should help overcome the overcast and overexposed.

Phew this post has sneakily turned into a garden photography post. Time to rein it in by mentioning the three new arrivals to mooseyscountrygarden in 2004, Rusty the puppy and the two new kittens.

Merry Xmas to Mugsy, Jerome and Stumpy, Moosey, Stevo, Youngest Son and Daughter, Rusty and the two new kittens, tiger and smoocher and to all our visitors and forum members.


Webmaster & Eldest Son
Mooseys Country Garden

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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

19 Dec '04 7:36 am
Thanks for all the work the moosey team have done that allows us to share thoughts and indulge in one of the best garden sites on the net :wink:

Have a fabulous Christmas!

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Geraldine New Zealand

Merry Christmas mcg Team

23 Dec '04 4:33 pm
May I say "ditto to Pumpkin's sentiments"

Rediscovering mcgs has been pivotal in rediscovering my own garden in 2004, for a long time I had lost interest and was merely going through the motions , now I too feel a strong bond with the gardens I've planted and have spent many happy hours messing about in the dirt.
So an extra special thank you for your inspiring, witty, funny and above all, friendly website.
I wish you all a Safe and Happy Festive Season wherever you are.
May I include the forum regulars in that greeting as well.

PS..Seeing Bex's front door wreath reminds me to tell you that Holly is now on NZ's hit list of unwanted garden plants and we are being asked to remove it as soon as we find a seedling.Gosh, at this rate there won't be a lot of plants left by the time mcg celebrates it's Golden Anniversary . Instead Moosey will have to have all her photo collection printed out and laminated and stuck on little crosses in the garden... :cry:


Re: Merry Christmas from the webmaster!

10 Feb '19 7:13 am
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