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Re: Another Local Earthquake

23 Feb '11 4:38 am
Dear Mary,

As you mentioned, everything in perspective. Found out about your earthquake this morning on a bottom crawl across the television. Must have missed the regular news. My first thought was for you and your garden site but this must be awful for those living in and around Christchurch. I've lived through a hurricane and earthquake tremors here in Illinois but nothing to rival this earthquake that struck Christchurch. My thoughts and, more importantly, prayers are heading your way. Take care. Jean


Re: Another Local Earthquake

23 Feb '11 7:50 am
You're my personal connection with Christchurch. Here, on the Oregon USA coast, we await our own Big One, an earthquake like yours. Our gardening is similar to yours. This morning, I'm glued to your NZ online papers and videos, sympathising and empathising.

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Grandview, Texas

Re: Another Local Earthquake

23 Feb '11 5:13 pm
Ye gods. Didn't find out until late this evening. Am relieved, very, that you and all are okay. So sorry about the deaths, one mother died protecting her baby from the falling rubble, the baby was found crying in her arms.... Am sad to learn about the cathedral, and other places known to you. I hope all of your friends are alright.

Am incredulous they are saying this one is an aftershock (!) from last fall's earthquake.

My prayers are with all,


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Re: Another Local Earthquake

23 Feb '11 6:12 pm
Oh Moosey!
My heart stopped when the first news I got in the staffroom yesterday was that both our pupils on exchange in Christchurch are OK. Immediately thought of you and yours. I am so pleased you are all OK, but a deep sadness fills me when beautiful and historical buildings like your cathedral are damaged. Human deaths and disaster, though sad, are almost inevitable for one reason or another, gardens - and nature - have a wonderful way of springing back from disaster. But symbols have no right not to be eternal. Not very logical, nor humane, but there it is. I am thinking of the people of Christchurch who again survey the damage, need to gather their strength and rebuild their city and their lives. Jack

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Fraser Valley, BC, Canada

Re: Another Local Earthquake

23 Feb '11 6:26 pm
Dear Moosey,

Just heard about the earthquake, I also somehow missed the news earlier... so sorry to hear about the devastation and loss of life. It must to terrifying to be okay but not know about family and friends. I'm glad your son and NGP are all right as well.

I'll be thinking about you in the days to come, wishing you, your family and other New Zealanders the best.

Fraser Valley, British Columbia

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Lillooet, BC, Canada

Re: Another Local Earthquake

23 Feb '11 6:41 pm
Hi, Moosey - We've been watching the t.v. footage of the earthquake in Christchurch and we're hoping and praying for all the gardening friends in the area (for everyone else, as well, of course).

I sure hope you and your family are all right!

All the best,


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Re: Another Local Earthquake

24 Feb '11 6:31 am
Thanks for all the support. What a time! Today I'm off to do something - start the clean up of son's house which is in New Brighton. It's a really unnerving time for us who have been OK through the quake - we need to help, to do something, but common sense tells you to stay at home and keep your car off the roads.

Anyway today I'm going around the edge of the city to help clean-up son's house and take extra water over to his neighbours. And we hope to locate Kaya the black cat and bring her out into the country. I think 60% of the city still might not have power, and water is difficult.

Well, again thanks for all your help in this rather bewildering time. It really makes me feel stronger. M
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Oak Park, Illinois USA

Re: Another Local Earthquake

24 Feb '11 10:32 am
Our hearts are with you, from the other side of the planet..sandy

Canberra, Australia

Re: Another Local Earthquake

24 Feb '11 11:17 am
Thinking of you.

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Berkeley, California, USA

Re: Another Local Earthquake

24 Feb '11 11:34 am
So glad to hear you are yours are okay, Mary. Hopefully your neighbors will fare well too.
Mark in California

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