No Nose For Scent

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Geraldine New Zealand

No Nose For Scent

7 Dec '04 6:13 pm
This is the unbearably sad tale of a scentless(almost) nose... all these pages of rose descriptions Moosey fills her diary with, giving loving descriptions of each rose's colour and shape and perfume, is so cruelly frustrating. The colour and shape I can see well enough but the scent is an elusive thing and I am not saying that to describe a web page either. In a real live garden my useless nose lets me down time and time again,a friend will sink hers into a full blown rose and inhale with expressions of deepest delight whilst my snorts evoke nothing more than the merest suggestion of a perfume. :cry:
There are some flowers which are so strong they manage to awake the olfactories, dianthus for example, sweet peas, herbs,.. but very few roses get through.Which is such a shame because you always associate roses with lovely perfumes.
Sometimes my nose works better than others ,but the perfume needs to be overpowering for that to happen.
Shame really, but better a useless nose and two working eyes and ears than the other way round.

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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

19 Dec '04 7:28 am
Poor Swallowstitch :(

Shall I describe to you what is on my kitchen bench then? :mrgreen:
A friend gave me a little rosebud. No scent. Over the next 2 days small petals became larger petals and slowly unfolded to reveal a creamy yellowy apricoty centre. No scent. Two more days and the little rosebud is now a really big fluffy blob. As soon as I walk near the kitchen the perfume hits me! It is a mixture of gardenia, citrus and philidelphus (sp) and like nothing I have smelled before!
Amazing...all from one little bud.

I have just taken a wiff of it for loved it :mrgreen:

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20 Dec '04 2:31 pm
I'm hopeless with scent - I take it completely for granted. I totally lack sensitivity to fragrances - I've learnt (after several expensive otherwise purchases) to only buy perfumed things etc. with the name of a flower - any flower - on it. Yet I can smell cat-pee in the house even if I am five rooms and five shut doors away! (well, almost!)

One of the reasons I like the rose Othello is that his (?) scent is uncomplicated - it's out there, not too subtle, not too heavy. But really hard to describe what he (?) actually smells like!

I think roses are the most difficult flowers to describe in words, as well. A dollar for every time one uses the word 'beautiful' and the phrase 'one of my most favourite'!
Head Gardener

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Geraldine New Zealand

Second Hand Scent Better Than None

22 Dec '04 5:48 pm
Gee thanks Pumpkin, that was a very nice gesture, my nose and I thank you... :)


Re: No Nose For Scent

10 Feb '19 7:10 am
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