Moosey's garden

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Grandview, Texas

Re: Moosey's garden

19 Aug '12 8:33 am
Am studiously going to "ignore" the previous three posts, as they bark too, too much up the gargantuan tree. :(

However. Thank heaven! Am wanting to tell of a much planned and dreamt idea for a planting I've had every since seeing Lady Moosey's picture of roses at the bay window, currently shown in her posting greeting August, the last picture showing "Beautiful Roses." Indeed. So. My still-a-dream plan is for what I will call Lady Moosey's corner, where I will plant roses of the pink, different pink, carmine and white persuasion, all dedicated to her. So there. I've said it.


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Re: Moosey's garden

19 Aug '12 4:31 pm
Bonny! What a lovely thing to be thinking of doing. Making connections, so groovy. Lots of love, M
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Re: Moosey's garden

20 Aug '12 11:47 pm
Well that foal had better be foaled by now. I was just appreciating the newest images of Moosey's own. How awesome to look in on summer time from winter weather (well, practically). I like the picture looking down the raceway with the phormiums clinging over the financial institutions.


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