Frontyard Gardens

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Berkeley, California, USA

Frontyard Gardens

21 Jul '09 8:14 am
While we were up in Portland we visited one neighborhood with many wonderful gardens visible from the sidewalk. The yards were not incredibly deep but many were beautifully and/or interestingly planted. This area was blessed with exceptionally wide (6 feet I think, almost 2 meters) planting strips between the sidewalk and the street. For those of you less familiar with this part of the United States, Oregon gets a lot more rain than we do along with much more frost as well as the occasional snow. Summers can be hot.

We saw these gardens after visiting flickr-friend Jacki-dee who lives just outside Portland. She also showed us her garden and helped steer me to other gardens to visit. Here then are the GARDENS OF PORTLAND that we saw .. not counting Jacki's which I'll save for a separate post.
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7622.jpg
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7625.jpg
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7626.jpg
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7627.jpg
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7630.jpg
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7632.jpg
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7635.jpg
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7637.jpg
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7638.jpg
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7644.jpg
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7646.jpg
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7649.jpg
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7651.jpg
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7652.jpg
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7656.jpg
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7659.jpg
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7662.jpg
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7665.jpg
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7666.jpg
Front gardens of Portland, IMG_7667.jpg
Mark in California

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A: "All the time until the urge to 'play' some more becomes too strong."

garden enthusiast
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Waikato-New Zealand


21 Jul '09 8:33 am
Really gorgeous Mark-thank you.
I like the way the gardens go with the house-especially 7635-love it,and 7662 which is beautifully planned.

A Gardener of Disrepair
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Taupaki, New Zealand

21 Jul '09 8:35 am
Ooooh I love peering into other people's gardens - especially ones that are half way 'round the world and in a totally different season! Some of those colour and plant combinations are stunning. :D

Canberra, Australia

3 Aug '09 9:44 pm

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Paparoa, Northland

Hello fellow garden addict

20 Aug '09 10:58 am
Thank you so much for sharing your lovely garden with us. Just beautiful layout and what a credit it is to you. I would like to post some photos on here when my own garden is completed, although I will always be finding places to plant more. I live in the North Island of New Zealand on a 2 acre property where my husband (who is a builder) and I are restoring/rebuilding/modernising a 100 year old house. We bought it just seven months ago. It was a bare property with the house on a hill with a panoramic view and so far we have planted 35 Native Trees and forty fruit trees. We have our vegetable garden prepared for planting with mulch, chicken manure and sawdust so its all very exciting.

Happy Gardening everyone

Home gardener & plant fetishist
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Berkeley, California, USA

Hello and welcome to Moosey's, Eve.

20 Aug '09 2:47 pm
I can't take credit for the garden in the photos on this post. I just held the camera. They 're taken in Portland, Oregon, which is North of where I garden in Berkeley, California (US). This site will be perfect for you. Lots of folks here garden in New Zealand. In addition to Mary/Moosey there is also Dixie and Kerole. There have been others but I haven't heard from them in a while. My attempt at a diary of my garden here on Moosey's can be found here: ... php?t=1430

Most of my photos can be found on my flickr account where I go by "serialplantfetishist" .. as I did here originally. It was just so long that I thought it would wear out everyone's fingers to type it, myself included. I use flickr to back up all the photos I care about. I've organized it into three "collections": my garden, trips and other. This is the connector to the "My Garden" collection: ... 640156953/ (I'm not selling anything -here or there.)

Again, welcome and you may want to 'sign in' on the garden forum for that (at the bottom of the menu of forums).
Mark in California

Q: "Do you ever sit down?"
A: "All the time until the urge to 'play' some more becomes too strong."


Re: Frontyard Gardens

23 May '13 2:30 pm
Those are good front yard garden ideas and I've found out that front yard gardens have walkways that make it more impressive and entertaining. And when it comes in flowers, much better if you use colorful and blooming one.

valued helper
United states

Re: Frontyard Gardens

2 Jul '13 5:34 pm
I would like to big thanks for sharing such a great information with pictures about the front yard garden. I think this is a good front yard garden idea which helps for those people who want to make a new front yard garden.

compost executive
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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

Re: Frontyard Gardens

15 Sep '13 1:10 pm
Gorgeous photos Mark. My gardens never manage to look so tidy and well kept.

There is a photo towards the end of your post which has a foreground of wine coloured spherical flowers and a cute pinky flower/leaf plant below. Any ideas on the cute pinky plant name? Very pretty and my garden wants one :mrgreen:


Re: Frontyard Gardens

10 Feb '19 5:06 am
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