giving free tools to garden and agriculture groups

30 Mar '07 6:22 am
I’m with and we would like to start a program to give free garden tools to gardening groups doing worthy projects – like community gardens, sustainable agriculture groups, organic gardening education, urban agriculture, etc.

But we need some help figuring out how to have them contact us, as we are kind of too busy to be going out in search of such groups. sells a long-handled digging tool called an azada. This is the tool the rest of the world (except North America, for now) uses to dig and till and cultivate. It is not a shovel or spade, but for creating gardens it will dig faster than a shovel and with less effort. Plus it is a whole lot cheaper and easier to maintain than a rototiller. It’s kind of hard to explain it without a picture - but there are lots of pictures and instructions on the website that describe it well.

Knowing that raising funds is usually difficult for small gardening and sustainable agriculture groups, we thought we would start a program to just send out a free tool every couple weeks to groups that want to give them a try.

Any ideas on where to post or advertise our offer of free tools so that many small groups around the US and Canada will see it?

These tools have 5' long wooden handles and the heads range from 4" to 8" wide. Some are for digging and others for cultivating.
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30 Mar '07 2:06 pm
We have lots of USA-Canada readers, Greg - and hopefully some of them will catch this post and be able to help you. It's a great project, and lots of gardeners will be interested in seeing the azada, too. Good luck, and happy giving! You can post a picture of the azada in this thread, if you like!
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Jay Bee
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1 Apr '07 12:29 pm
Hi Greg. Why don't you get in touch with some of the extension colleges which run Mastergardener courses?


Re: giving free tools to garden and agriculture groups

15 Dec '16 1:22 am
That's a pity for hay but the hot and dry weather may be used to plant something else in the shield. I'm not sure what kind of plant actually like the hot dry weather but I know you can build a kind of shield, covering the plants, for example, tomatoes, with a glass or pert, making the circulation of oxygen closed, so the moisture (water) will naturally absorb from the evaporation. Then you can reap the harvest with faster. In created shelter it would be hard for the human to stay, so you would need to work really fast. And with the tools from the above-mentioned site, it would be a piece of cake!

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Re: giving free tools to garden and agriculture groups

18 Dec '18 7:16 pm
That's really great task by you. Giving free tools to the gardener are appreciable.


Re: giving free tools to garden and agriculture groups

9 Feb '19 11:08 pm
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